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Hydra Storage Solutions

Storing excess renewable energy in a sustainable and save way.


The Hydra Storage containers consist of flexible components and mutual compatibility. This ensures the perfect capacity for every application.


Quick installation and start-up. Put the container where you need it and start production in not time!


The necessary technology is built into a handy shipping container, which means it is easily transported to where you need it


Mitigating harmful emissions in the harbor

Currently, Hydra Storage is planning to built a prototype system in an European port. The system will be designed to power oceanic vessels while at berth. This means the vessels don’t have to rely on main or auxiliary engines resulting in no harmful emissions (e.g. particulate matter, NOx, SOx, CO2) and noise pollution. Are you interested in this project please feel free to contact us!

Flexible fuel station

The Hydra Storage Container can be fitted with a hydrogen pump system to allow fuel cell vehicles or vessels to be filled. Because the container is a moveable object with limited capacity, this is only a temporary solution


Ground services: electricity supply

The Hydra Storage Container can be used as sustainable power supply to aircraft on the ground. A small container provides enough power to charge 4 aircraft, after which it needs to be recharged.


The Hydra Storage Container

Hydra Storage offers a unique technology where excess renewable energy is stored using a stable, save and efficient material: sodium borohydride. This offers advantages over conventional hydrogen storage in terms of safety, transportability and energy density. With a simple process the hydrogen can be extracted from the storage material and used for energy production using fuel cells. After usage the spent material is recycled and the process can start all over again.


The Hydra Storage Container is designed to be safely usable in residential areas.


Electricity production by fuel cells is nearly noiseless.


The Hydra Storage container offers lower overall maintenance costs compared to a conventional Diesel generator. 


Operation and production of the container is done in a sustainable manner.


Variable renewable energy sources

With the ever-increasing investments in variable renewable energy (wind and solar) comes more fluctuation in electricity production. This means moments where the grid cannot handle the load or energy supply is larger than energy demand. At these moments a lot of renewable energy is wasted. Hydra Storage offers a solution.


Limiting the access of (renewable) energy to the grid leads to significant energy losses.


By storing energy at peak (renewable) energy production, the energy losses due to curtailment can be minimized.


Storing excess energy in hydrogen

To maximize the usage of produced renewable energy Hydra Storage turns the excess energy into hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored until it is needed again. At low electricity price the energy is stored and once the price is higher electricity is released again. This offers the user flexibility and evasion of high energy costs. 


When the Hydra Storage container is producing energy the only restproduct is warm water!


The Hydra Storage container can store energy for up to 6 months; much longer than any conventional battery. 

Our Team

Hydra Storage cosists of a multidisciplinary team dedicated to make the world a greener and better place.

Ivar Luiten

Co-founder – CEO

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